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Lori Tolson

Lori Tolson – Cancer Survivor

Lori Tolson – Cancer Survivor Lori is a long-time supporter and fan of NC State Women’s Basketball, who witnessed Coach Kay Yow’s battle with cancer firsthand. So in 2021, when she noticed her appetite had changed significantly, she decided to do a little digging to find out what was going on. After several doctor visits

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2024 National Play4Kay Award Winners

Kay Yow Cancer Fund Announces 2024 National Play4Kay Award Winners

Kay Yow Cancer Fund Announces 2024 National Play4Kay Award Winners   Raleigh, NC (April 5, 2024) – The Kay Yow Cancer Fund announces its 2024 National Play4Kay award winners today. Play4Kay is the Fund’s largest fundraising initiative with events hosted in all 50 states. Through the nationwide support of participating Play4Kay teams, coaches, fans, officials,

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A Lifetime of Service…

If you have ever been to a Kay Yow Cancer Fund event, you have likely met Tom and Connie Newcome. The Newcome’s have been a huge part of the fabric of the Fund since, well…before there was a Kay Yow Cancer Fund. Connie played for Coach Yow at NC State. As is the case with

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314 Marathons…One Step at a Time

They say the first step of any journey is the hardest. In marathon running, each step, each mile builds on the one before. The marathon is one of the most grueling of competitions, and among the most revered. To say Carol Dellinger is a marathon runner is an understatement. She has completed 314 marathons, and

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Shelby’s Story…

Jimmy V said, “Don’t give up.  Don’t ever give up.”  Kay Yow said, “When life kicks you, let it kick you forward.”  Shelby Harris said, “Put your red lipstick on and smile.” This is Shelby’s story. Her journey was quite different, but she handled it with grace.  An inspiration to many, Mom was always a happy,

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Akin Elementary

When you hear of a child donating six cents to the fight against ALL cancers affecting women, it cuts deep. Immediately you ask yourself, “Am I doing all I can do?” In February of 2017, a child at Akin Elementary in West Texas donated $.06 to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund as a part of

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The True Wins of Play4Kay…

Life and death situations are a daily occurrence for Jaime Cowie. She is a first responder. By definition, she is the calmest person in every room she enters. Daily occurrence or not, life and death is never routine. Especially when it is your own life that is in question. In April 2017, Jamie turned 40

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This is OUR team…this is why we Play.

At this point, the list of things that Coach Yow knew is very long. And it grows each day. Today is day 9 of the 2018 Play4Kay official window. Today’s realization: Coach Yow envisioned Play4Kay as she did because she knew teams would accomplish more than individuals. So true. More to the point, she knew

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