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Kelly Moyer Cancer Survivor

Kelly Moyer – Cancer Survivor

Kelly Moyer – Cancer Survivor Kelly Moyer is an overcomer. She tells her cancer story as it is, just a chapter. A chapter in a much bigger book. She credits her athletic background – before her cancer diagnosis, she was an NCAA women’s basketball official. She loves the game, and the game has taught her

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Ronnie Laughlin

Ronnie Laughlin – Cancer Survivor

Ronnie Laughlin – Cancer Survivor A cancer survivor’s journey often starts with diagnosis but Ronnie Laughlin’s journey started over two decades earlier in Sedalia, NC where she grew up playing basketball for not one Yow, but three! Ronnie’s “claim to fame” is having the pleasure of playing for Kay Yow, Debbie Yow and Susan Yow.

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Olivia King – Cancer Warrior

Olivia King – Cancer Warrior This month’s Cancer Warrior is Olivia King, a 30-year-old woman who was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia with deep-seated love for UGA throughout the family. Olivia graduated from the University of Georgia in 2015 and is stoked that UGA is currently back-to-back national champions in football! Olivia enjoys making

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Sharon Delaney McCloud – Cancer Survivor

Sharon Delaney McCloud – Cancer Survivor The Kay Yow Cancer Fund has had the honor to work with Sharon over the past few years, and we’d like to share her story with you. This year, Sharon was the guest speaker at the annual Golf Classic and touched many lives in the process. This is Sharon’s

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Survivor Spotlight: Lori White

Sitting at a table eating lunch with her daughter, an overwhelming “gut feeling” flooded Lori White – a feeling that she could not resist or ignore. The feeling approached out of nowhere, and no sign or indication pointed Lori in the direction of this unshakeable thought.  “I think I have breast cancer,” Lori told her

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The Gift of Options…

We have come a long way in our discussion of cancer. Body parts, lumps, bumps, symptoms and side effects are all fair game. We discuss them openly, as we should. Our society has effectively exposed cancer for what it is – an insidious disease. And still, there are parts of cancer we don’t unpack. For

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Paying it Forward…

In March 2018, I was diagnosed with an aggressive, stage 3 breast cancer – invasive ductal carcinoma that was HER2+. I was 34 years old, my kids were 11 months old and 3 years old, my husband and I were supposed to be celebrating our 10-year wedding anniversary in April. Cancer was the last thing

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Decades of Hope…

For those who wonder about the advancements being made in cancer research, one of the truest measures of progress is not explained by numbers it is measured in hope. Katya Tarus’ fight against cancer started 25 years ago in post-Cold War Romania. Katya was the oldest of four young children, she was only in elementary

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