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If you have been a supporter of the Kay Yow Cancer Fund over the last 18 months, you remember a beautiful pink boat that was raffled off last April. And now, as we settle into another year, we have a gorgeous Kay Yow Cancer Fund 15th Anniversary Edition SS21 being raffled – but why? How did the Fund come to have not one, but two boats?

Savannah Boats! Google them. They are a relatively new company based in Four Oaks, NC that is making huge waves in the boating industry (pun intended) and the fight against ALL cancers affecting women.

Founder, Keith Sanders, designed his custom Savannah Boat to be a hybrid fishing craft, capable of off-shore and in-shore fishing. It is an incredible design – the functionality of a fishing boat, the comfort of a family boat.

But good looks aren’t all that Savannah Boats touts. They are a company built on a servant’s heart, a generous spirit, and a drive to do better. For the second year in a row, they have poured time and energy into fabricating a custom-built SS21 for the Fund to be raffled off. 

Boat Front PageThat means every single ticket, every single chance to win the boat, goes directly to the mission of the Fund. With 1000 tickets available, your chance of coming home with a boat is MUCH higher than winning the lottery. That’s a $55,000 boat that could be won for a single ticket. We like those odds.

Two boats, one fight against ALL cancers affecting women. That’s why we agree, Savannah Boats are simply built better. 

Interested in entering the raffle? Click here. 

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