What is PLAY4KAY?

Uniting players, coaches, and fans to do something for the greater good that far exceeds wins and losses on the court, the Play4Kay initiative is our largest fundraiser and plays a major role in our success.

The “pink phenomenon” in women’s basketball began during the 2004-2005 basketball season, when Coach Yow’s cancer recurred after being in remission for 17 years. Play4Kay is the grassroots fundraising initiative of the Kay Yow Cancer Fund. It was originally called Think Pink, later Pink Zone, and most recently and finally, Play4Kay. Women’s basketball teams wore pink in honor of Coach Yow and those battling cancer. In 2007, this movement resulted in the establishment of the Kay Yow Cancer Fund and its Play4Kay initiative.

For the past nine years, numerous sports, groups, and organizations have hosted Play4Kay fundraisers that resonated with their fans and the community, all while raising funds for the Kay Yow Cancer Fund. Play4Kay events allow members of the basketball community to play a part in the Kay Yow Cancer Fund simply by doing something they love, playing ball. Coach Yow wouldn’t have it any other way.

Elements of a Play4Kay game:
  • Host a Play4Kay game and call it Play4Kay.
  • Raise money and donate it to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund/participate in the Play4Kay National Free Throw Challenge.
  • Honor cancer survivors on court during your game.
  • Head coach makes a personal contribution to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund in honor of survivors.
  • Show in-venue videos/PA announcements about the Kay Yow Cancer Fund during the game.
  • Purchase generic T-shirts from the Kay Yow Cancer Fund to promote uniform branding of the Kay Yow Cancer Fund.
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