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It was an easy decision for the Kay Yow Cancer Fund Board of Directors. In 2011, the team from UNC Health presented a funding request for digital imaging equipment for a mobile mammography unit. The unit would travel the counties of central North Carolina providing an affordable, accessible screening option to women. The team shared statistics about the importance of early detection, the number of women in the service area who were under or un-insured, and the number of women who could be served annually by a single unit.

It was an easy “yes.”

Since then, two mobile units have been funded and, in 2019, both units received an upgrade – 3D imaging equipment to provide more accurate and conclusive screenings. The Kay Yow Cancer Fund has also supported UNC Health’s Angel Fund that provides direct assistance to women facing cancer, a life-changing continuum of care.

UNC Health is also a Mission Partner of the Kay Yow Cancer Fund, enabling the Fund to impact lives in, around, and beyond the UNC Health system. What does this partnership look like? In December, they provided two matching gift days during the end of year giving campaign and they are committed to being a part of the ongoing Empowerment Tour across the state of North Carolina.

Great partners make each other better, stronger. We are grateful to UNC Health for their continued support and for the way they serve others!

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