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Life of Hope…

For many cancer survivors, there is great encouragement in the idea of life after cancer.

We often share the story of Kay Yow and point to the many accomplishments she lived after her initial diagnosis with breast cancer in 1987, including starting the Kay Yow Cancer Fund 20 years later.

Her timeline always seems to give hope.

Latrese Williams’ journey with cancer was like many others—painful. The physical pain of the second and third degree burns caused by radiation. The sickness stemming from side effects of the “red devil” – her chemotherapy treatment for triple negative breast cancer. Because her cancer was an aggressive type, her treatment had to be just as aggressive.

There was emotional pain as well. The mental toll of cancer on a young mother worried about the impact on her family. The emotions of losing tangible things like hair, while worrying that she might lose much, much more.

Her oncologist told her she would never be able to have children again.

She wished there had been more support groups in her area. Groups of women who had been through the same thing–emphasis on the word “through.” For Latrese, cancer had always been associated with death. She needed to see life beyond cancer.

It certainly would have been hard to envision at that time that the very thing she struggled to see – life after cancer – would be her lasting testimony to the advancement of medicine and the grace of God.

Yes, there is life after cancer.

Latrese was diagnosed in February 2016. Sometime in between 2016 and 2018, her oncologist told her she would not be able to have more children. She now has a 6 week old baby girl. She is perfect in every way.  Latrese thanks God for this gift, realizing He alone made her daughter’s life possible.

This little girl will always be a reminder that there is life after cancer.

In the global fight against cancer, it is important to remember, that this is our ultimate goal: To ensure that where there is cancer, there will also be life after cancer. Full life. Life with accomplishments. Life with family. Life with hope.


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