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Jas Thomas & the Kay Yow Cancer Fund

Our vision is to improve health equity by changing the narrative around all cancers affecting women through educating, equipping, and empowering the next generation with the tools needed to positively impact their family members and communities. This past year our focus has been around Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) which disproportionately affects Black women, has a higher risk of recurrence, and is often diagnosed in women under 40 years old.

Unfortunately, barriers to quality cancer healthcare exist and often lead to negative cancer outcomes. Some of these barriers include fear and distrust of the medical field, lack of awareness of resources available to help, cancer myths vs facts, and being un or underinsured.

Through the Kay Yow Cancer Fund emPOWERment Tour, students are educated about these barriers, learn about how to help break down these barriers, and are provided with information about available resources pertaining to cancer prevention, treatment, and survivorship. They are given tools such as infographics, videos, and facts and figures aimed at arming them with resources they can share to effectively communicate with their loved ones.  

Coach Yow showed us the power of one individual to make a difference in fighting all cancers that affect women, and you can be that one person to someone else. Generational change starts with you! Come join us on our emPOWERment Tour and be a part of positively changing the narrative around cancer. Who knows, the life you save may be someone you love.

Contact Jenny Palmateer (jenny.palmateer@kayyow.com) to learn more or schedule a presentation today!

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