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Gerri Robuck Herakovich & Linda Robuck

Linda Robuck sat down with Jen Hoverstad, director of marketing & engagement for the Kay Yow Cancer Fund to talk about her special relationship with Coach Yow and the Fund.

Kay Yow has been a part of the lives of Gerri Herakovich and her mother, Linda Robuck, for many years.

Gerri played for Coach Yow at NC State, but before that she was a Kay Yow Camper. Linda remembers getting to know Coach Yow, finding her to be a kindred spirit from the beginning. She wanted Gerri to have women in her life who would be examples of Christian living during college. Coach Yow was just the woman to provide such an example.

Linda Robuck supported Coach Yow in many endeavors over the years. She helped her sell advertising in the early years of televised women’s basketball games. She helped Coach Yow navigate a massive renovation to the women’s basketball locker room at Reynolds Coliseum. For years, Linda opened her home to the Wolfpack Women at Christmas – a special time of year for Linda and her family because it celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.

When the Kay Yow Cancer Fund was officially launched in December 2007, Linda and Gerri were eager to support the Fund in any way possible. Over the last 10 years they have served on committees, contributed financially, and provided leadership for local events in service to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund.

Linda and Gerri reflect about Coach Yow, “She was a wonderful example. I consider her an outstanding woman and a woman in search of God’s heart. She was an outstanding representative of our community, our state, and our country (representing the United States in multiple international competitions, including leading the United States to a gold medal in the 1988 Olympics). When she started the Kay Yow Cancer Fund, I knew it would be big and that it would become very successful. That was her gift and through the Fund her life continues to serve others.”

Originally posted December 2019.

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