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Friends of the Fund: John and Sue Gibbs

In 2011, the Kay Yow Cancer Fund received the gift of friendship in John and Sue Gibbs. 

John and Sue are known as women’s basketball’s greatest fans and, for the past decade, they have become cherished Kay Yow Cancer Fund supporters.

Each year, John and Sue watch hundreds of women’s basketball games — many in-person (pre-COVID19). Perhaps there have ne ver been two more devoted fans of the sport. 

Thankfully, their devotion is not just to basketball, but to the fight against ALL cancers affecting women. 

The Gibbs believe in ending all cancers that affect women, which led them to become generous partners and a constant presence alongside Kay Yow Cancer Fund events. Each year, you can find them at the annual Kay Yow Cancer Fund Golf Classic, the sidelines of many Play4Kay games, the Women’s Final Four through the annual Wow4Yow event, and at the national championship, celebrating cancer warriors.

Looking back on the last 10 years, we are so thankful for these two amazing friends who are changing the cancer landscape.

It is because of partners like John and Sue Gibbs, alongside many others, that the Kay Yow Cancer Fund has been able to award millions in grants for life saving cancer research and programs that provide access to quality cancer healthcare for underserved women.

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