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Christine Johnson: Stage Zero is More Than it Seems

At 43, after having her second child, Christine Johnson went in for a routine mammogram.

“They called me to tell me they found calcifications,” Johnson said.

She went back in for a second mammogram and a biopsy.

When the results came back in November 2018, Christine was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ — a type of breast cancer that remains in the milk ducts.

“I didn’t know anything about stage zero cancer,” Johnson said.

While stage zero may sound like a relatively simple cancer diagnosis, it’s not.

After Christine’s first lumpectomy, her surgeon realized that there were more cancer cells in her breast than what had originally shown up on the mammogram.

Christine had four lumpectomies over the course of five months before deciding to have a unilateral single mastectomy.

Today, Christine is doing well and is working toward preparing her body for DIEP flap reconstruction in the near future.

In February, Christine took part in the 2021 Celebration Run/Walk, and raised nearly $800 as part of the Shannon’s Treasured Chest team.

“I’ve always been involved in the community, but I hadn’t picked a nonprofit to support with cancer,” said Johnson. “I like that the Fund supports women with all types of cancers.”

Hear Christine’s story:

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