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The Kay Yow Cancer Fund is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization committed to the fight against all cancers affecting women. Our mission is to raise money for life saving cancer research, fund programs that provide access to quality cancer healthcare for underserved women and unite people in the fight against all cancers affecting women.

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Featured Grants

$1M – Duke Cancer Institute – 2019 – Endometrial Cancer

This grant was awarded during the spring of 2019 for a research study in endometrial cancer. This is a very under-funded form of cancer and the Kay Yow Cancer Fund is proud to partner with Duke Cancer Institute to change the narrative around this disease.

$1M – Moffitt Cancer Center – 2015 – Ovarian Cancer

Why do older ovarian cancer patients tend to have poorer outcomes than younger patients? Funded by the Kay Yow Cancer Fund, this researcher from @MoffittCancerCenter/@MoffittNews is looking into biologic patterns for answers. LEARN MORE >

$1M – UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center – 2014 – Treatment of Cancer in Aging Women

Chemotherapy increases the aging of the immune system, specifically in older patients. This researcher, from @UNCLineberger/@UNC_Lineberger and funded by the Kay Yow Cancer Fund, is working to reduce toxicities from breast cancer therapies in older women. LEARN MORE >

$100K – Tulane Cancer Center – 2013 – Lung Cancer

When certain types of DNA are generated in cells, they can sometimes be inserted into cancer-promoting genes & cause cancer. This has long been puzzling, so this researcher from Tulane Cancer Center, funded by the Kay Yow Cancer Fund, is after the answers. LEARN MORE >

$1M – MD Anderson – 2012 – Ovarian Cancer

The @MDAnderson/@MDAndersonNews SPORE program was created to prolong survival and reduce ovarian cancer deaths. The Kay Yow Cancer Fund has supported 5 research projects through the SPORE program. LEARN MORE >

$1M – Johns Hopkins – 2010 – Breast Cancer

What if we could reduce immune cells that suppress immune response, allowing cancer-fighting immune cells to do their job? This researcher from @SidneyKimmelCancerCenter/@KimmelCancerCtr, funded by the Kay Yow Cancer Fund, is on the case. LEARN MORE >


2023 Kay Yow Cancer Fund Impact

$1 Million

In 2019 the Kay Yow Cancer Fund awarded a $1,000,000 grant to Duke Cancer Institute in honor of NBA All-star, Kevin Durant’s late Aunt Pearl. This grant is in support of endometrial cancer research.

$1 Million: OVARIAN CANCER, 2015

Personalizing care for the aging women’s population

$1 Million: BREAST CANCER, 2014

The $1 million research grant was awarded to UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center to conduct a Phase II, four-year controlled trial to evaluate the impact of a physical activity intervention program on biomarkers of aging and body composition among breast cancer survivors, age 65 and older, who are receiving adjuvant or neoadjuvant chemotherapy. The research project will be conducted as a national, multi-site collaboration with the Cancer and Aging Research Group, UNC Hospitals, affiliated community clinics, and the Alliance for Clinical Trials and Oncology

$1 Million: OVARIAN CANCER, 2012

SPORE in ovarian cancer

$1 Million: BREAST CANCER, 2010

Facilitating potent breast tumor immunity by antibody-enhanced vaccination

$730,000: SERVING THE UNDERSERVED, 2018, 2014 and 2012

2018 – $500,000
2014 – $115,000
2012 – $115,000
The grants from 2012 and 2014 funded digital imaging equipment for two mobile mammography units. The 2019 grant supported the upgrade to 3D Digital mammography equipment on both units. A portion of the 2019 grant also supported the Angel Fund at UNC Rex Healthcare which helps eliminate barriers to care for underserved patients.


Carle Cancer Institute – Normal, IL.

The grant will be used to fund a patient navigator program for underserved women in the local community.
Read more about this grant


This grant, awarded in 2019 to Lubbock’s Hope Lodge, will help provide housing to women and their families who are actively undergoing cancer treatment. Hope Lodge services a large portion of West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. This grant is a part of the Kay Yow Cancer Fund’s support of underserved programs.


This grant, awarded in 2019, is a part of the Kay Yow Cancer Fund’s ongoing effort to support programs that serve the underserved. This grant will help expand the cancer navigator program at Mount Nittany Health and its services to underserved populations in Pennsylvania.

This grant funded enhanced patient navigator services for underserved women in Oklahoma.

$100,000: BREAST CANCER, 2017

This grant specifically addresses triple negative breast cancer

$100,000: BREAST CANCER, 2023

A continuation of the previous 2017 grant. Read about the 2023 grant.

The Kay Yow Cancer Fund awarded the 2022 Women’s Final Four grant to Dr. Deepali Sachdev at Masonic Cancer Center for research in Triple Negative Breast Cancer, with special focus on its disproportionate affects on Black women.

Access to clinical trials for minority patients.


Grant was awarded in 2019 in conjunction with the Women’s Final Four to Moffitt Cancer Center in support of ovarian cancer research.

$100,000: Endometrial Cancer


Personalizing care for the aging women’s population

$100,000: BREAST CANCER, 2011

Genetic variants, microRNA expression, and breast cancer

$100,000: BREAST CANCER, 2014

The $100,000 grant was awarded to the Knight Cancer Institute to continue research on the potential effectiveness of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), such as ibuprofen or aspirin, in the prevention of metastasis of breast cancer in young women

$100,000: LUNG CANCER, 2013

Lung cancer research.

$100,000: BREAST CANCER, 2012

Prevention of postpartum, pregnancy-associated breast cancer

$100,000: BREAST CANCER, 2010

Novel therapeutic approach to overcome resistance to endocrine therapies of breast cancer

$100,000: BREAST CANCER, 2009

Targeted nanoparticles optimized for breast cancer diagnosis and therapy

Grant awarded fund research specific to the BReast CAncer gene.

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