A Lifetime of Service…

If you have ever been to a Kay Yow Cancer Fund event, you have likely met Tom and Connie Newcome. The Newcome’s have been a huge part of the fabric of the Fund since, well…before there was a Kay Yow Cancer Fund.

Connie played for Coach Yow at NC State. As is the case with all of Coach Yow’s former players, it does not seem adequate to simply say, “Connie played for Coach Yow at NC State.”

It is quite a lot more than that.

Connie and Tom met at NC State, where Tom was a member of the wrestling team. Coach Yow considered Tom a son.

When Coach Yow started the Fund in 2007, she asked 4 people to become lifetime members of the Kay Yow Cancer Fund Board of Directors. Connie was one of the four Coach Yow personally asked to support and protect the Fund for the rest of her life. It was a huge honor and a tremendous responsibility – one that Connie does not take lightly.

Over the last 13 years, Tom and Connie have supported the Fund at its annual Golf Classic, attended multiple in-person Board meetings each year, have been key volunteers for local events such as the Waverly Wine Walk, and have even represented the Fund at Play4Kay events nationally.

When Coach Yow asked Connie to be a “Lifer” she likely considered several factors. She knew having Connie’s support for life meant also having Tom’s. She knew these were two people who could be trusted to be stewards of the Fund’s affairs – big and small. She knew they would be “all in.”

Thank you, Connie and Tom, for all you have done and all you continue to do for Coach Yow and for ALL the women she hoped to serve.

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