Survivor Story

A Grateful Heart…

Scared. Grieving. Angry. Shocked. All powerful emotions. Emotions that naturally accompany a cancer diagnosis.

Beautiful. Lovely. Grateful. Blessed. Words in stark contrast to the raw emotions created by cancer, and yet words that also seem to be the heartbeat of a survivor.

As Betsy Campbell talks about her recent battle with breast cancer, it is apparent that she has been through the stages of grief, but the blessing of early detection, the blessing of another day dictates a spirit of intense gratitude. Gratitude for the unwavering support, encouragement, and love of friends, family, and women she barely knew when she was diagnosed—women who have become family as a result of their shared battle.

There is no small battle when the opponent is cancer. While each diagnosis is different, the shock wave of a diagnosis has undeniable repercussions.  Betsy is now in a position to look back at all of the blessings that have transpired over the course of the months since her cancer was detected — The 3D mammogram that caught her cancer in the earliest stage; her geographical location, allowing her to take advantage of some of the top medical facilities in the country; a loving and supportive husband; an intimacy with other women who understand the challenges of facing cancer.

For Betsy, the greatest challenge is now heightened, but it is a challenge we can all relate to – the need to live every day, not in fear of the future, but with gratitude for the present.

Suddenly all of Coach Yow’s life lessons come to the forefront:

“Never let the urgent get in the way of the important.”

“Give and pray for others.  Count your blessings.”

“Live one moment at a time.”

“Be thankful every day.”

We know cancer is a formidable opponent—a powerful enemy. But, maybe the power of cancer is not in the cancer itself, but in the spirit of survivors. The spirit of Betsy, of Coach Yow. The spirit of grateful hearts.


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